Sunday, November 28, 2010


I have been VERY busy getting ready for the Portland Art Collective Open Doors show. It opens this next Friday, December 3rd and goes through the next day, Saturday, December 4th. Check the link to see more info on the show and the great artists that are involved.

Anyway...I just spent the last few days organizing and pricing each and every piece of art I am bringing. Next comes the set up. I have a place in the barn that I have traced out and will figure out how to get the "bones" set up for the display. This is the most important part of any show, how to display the wares to the best advantage. Sigh..busy, busy, busy.

This is always exciting and very tiring for me, but I enjoy each and every moment!

Don't forget to check out my latest on my Earrings 365 page. I've been having fun with my beads this last week!