It's All About Me

I love beads. I am overly passionate about them. The colors and textures, the shapes and designs, I love them all. Beads have become my life. I started this addiction with my first class in 1993. In October of 1998, a bout of tendonitis sidelined my beady activities for the next nine months. Needing an outlet for my creativity, I wandered into the local rubber stamp store and started down my paper path. I have an affinity for all things paper. (Being a former bookkeeper you can understand why.) I had fun with making greeting cards and learned bookmaking, then came collage, which led to art dolls and fiber arts. These days, I challenge myself in combining my beads with these other art forms to create fun, fabulous and funky art. I am living happily ever after with my husband, dog and cat in the western Cascade foothills, down the road from Mt. Hood, where I get a ton of inspiration from my beautiful wooded surroundings.