To keep my hands busy in the evening and to give my fellow Portland Art Collective artists something special from me for their birthdays and other occasions, I have been making cards.  Each card is made by me, by hand and is one of a kind.  Not copied or printed and then hand colored.  This has been a fun project, along with the Bead Squared project, to get my Muse working daily.


Front 1

Inside 1
Front 2

Inside 2
Front 3

Inside 3
Front 4

Inside 4







Last year I participated in a group reading of The Prosperous Heart by Julia Cameron.  One of the things you are supposed to do every morning is write, anything, for three pages.  Having already done all that for sometime, I decided to draw a Zoodle every morning instead.  The above are my attempts at clearing my mind and opening up my creativity. As a good friend once said, "Sometimes it's art and sometimes it's aren't." 
                                                    ATC 16

Undulation - Violet Family

Undulation - Blue

Undulations 1

Happy Easter!

The White Cat is a stencil I found when cleaning out some of my son's old stuff.  This started out as an experiment for using the stencils with Zentangles.  I rather liked the way it came out and will be doing more inside and outside the lines.

I call this Rhizome.  It is drawn on a page from Gray's Botany.  I bought this book years ago for an altered book project, but haven't gotten around to getting it done.  So I play with the pages instead.

This is another of the index cards that I cut in half.  The new Zentangle for this card is called Ixorus. It's really fun to play with. 

Here is another ATC, in color this time.

This picture came about when I found some 5" x 8" index cards that were mottled colors.  I cut them in half and started working the pen and pencil.  I rather like my new Purple Garden.

Here is an ATC (Artist Trading Card) that I drew.  There will be more of these, they are fun and quick to make.

These business cards have been a blast to make and people are loving them when I hand them out.  I have to get going on making more, they are going like hot cakes.

This design is called Spillwayz.  Kind of reminds me of a waterfall and riverstones.

This Z'oodle I call Islandz.  This reminds me a bit of an old map of islands in the sea.

Another batch of business cards.  I have a lot of time on my hands when I download stuff.

The second batch of business cards.

I've started a tree series with my Z'oodles.
This is the first one done so far.  Watch this space for more Z'oodle Trees.

While waiting for things to download, I'm on dial-up, I decided to play on the backs of my business cards.  Z'oodles can go anywhere on anything.  So, everyone gets a small piece of art when I hand out one of my business cards.

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Debi K said...

I love your Z'oodles!!! Very inspiring. Great idea to put them on your business cards while waiting for things to download. A happy way to pass the time! Take care, Debi

Z'anne said...

Thank you, Debi! Business cards are so close to ATCs and I can usually get one done in the time it takes to download an upgrade or some such. Check back occasionally, there are more new ones to come. :)

Love Your Pet Expo said...

Those are FABULOUS, but where are the kitties? I'm gonna send you one to play with right now!

Z'anne said...

Hi Suze!
I just downloaded my White Cat that I did last year. I have more animal stencils that will be tangled in the future. I should get my bunnies up in time for Easter. Off to download hell. Now where did I put my pens? ;)