Sunday, September 21, 2008

Cleaning House

Haven't done much art lately. I've been playing catch up on getting the house clean and organized. The garage workshop is almost done. I got the big table up from the basement this week and already I have stuff all over it. I still have to get the frig move over to the other side of the garage and the rest of the flat surfaces moved to where the frig now sits. The spiders are moving in so this is going to be slow and icky. I don't mind the spiders, I just don't want to get bit. I try to capture them and put them somewhere else so they will get those nasty flying bugs before they fly in the house. It rained today and I saw the most beautiful web full of rain drops in the tree out front.

Fall is here, Happy Equinox, but has been here all week. Last weekend it was in the 90's and this weekend, we didn't even get up to 60 degrees. A good weekend for organizing or art or all the other things I didn't do. I did go through some old Somerset Studios to find some ideas for up coming challenges. Got some great ones and will start on them this week.

Oh...cute story tonight...I went out in the garage to let the cat out and found a water dog (mud puppy) hauling tail across the floor. Got him captured and moved out to the tool shed. There is no water source close, so how do these guys get up here? And why? They must like me, this makes three in the past couple of years.

I wish everyone a Fabulous Fall Season and a plentiful Harvest, if you garden. This is my favorite time of the year!


freebird said...

What is a water dog or mud puppy?

Z'anne said...

Hi Freebird!

It's a kind of salamander. Here is a link to a picture and bit of a description.

freebird said...

Thanks Z'anne. That surely explains it.