Sunday, August 31, 2008

More Sad News

This month has been a hard one for me, mentally and emotionally. As mentioned previously, my friend Diane was diagnosed with pertioneal cancer. After a few more tests, trying to figure out the best doctor and hospital, she was finally sent to Oregon Health Sciences University (Pill Hill as we call it here in the Portland area.) Last Monday she went in for surgery. I was there with/for her all day. They opened her up and found the tumor was much bigger than expected. So they closed her up with plans to get her intensive chemo therapy to shrink the tumor. After it is shrunk to a size that is not jeopardizing her internal organs, they will open her up again and remove it with all her female parts, and probably the appendix.

This past week has been hard on all family and friends. I'm glad I'm up here. I can't be there every day, the gas is killing us this month, but I can call and see how things are going. They don't know when she is going to be coming home, some time this next week. She has already had one treatment and will be scheduling more in Eugene. She should know tomorrow when they will be releasing her.

Between Mom and Diane, I'm worn out. I have no real gumption, just want to sit and do a lot of nothing. Some beading, but that's about all.

Thoughts and prayers are welcome for Diane. Thank you.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Sad news

After I got my pieces to the fantasy show, I decided I needed to change things in my life a bit. We have this beautiful oak roll top desk that's been sitting in the corner of the living room for years. I wanted to move it across the room and make it my bead station. That way I can sit in the living room with my husband in the evenings and not feel like a out cast back in my studio. After three days of cleaning and moving furniture and moving it again, the living room is the way I want it of awhile. This happened the week of July 21st.

By Friday I was in a nursing home in Cottage Grove sitting by my mother's bedside. It had been a very quick downhill slide that none of us had expected. She had been diagnosed with a rare form of cancer at the beginning of the month. Treatments had been scheduled and she went to one. While trying to get dressed, she fell against the chest of drawers and broke five ribs. Already weak from radiation and chemo this incident didn't help her health. She was in the hospital on the weekend and from what I was told, she got a slight case of pneumonia on Tuesday. That was cleared up quickly, thankfully. My sister and aunt found a nice nursing home on Thursday and got her transferred over. The trip made her weaker. So I got the call to come quick. I did, even though I had to borrow my MIL's car. I left at 9 and got down there about noon. It's so much fun driving with only about 3 hours sleep.

I spelled my sister and stayed all night with her. I'm glad I was there. We got to talk and laugh and just be together. Most of the time she was drugged up pretty good, but she still was coherent for our time together. The weekend was spent with all the "kids" talking about what to do. She wanted to come home, but I knew she wouldn't. Sunday night, a little after midnight, she passed. Quietly and with no long, lingering illness.

Almost two weeks later, it's weird, I feel like she's still here. I'll be going down again to talk with the bank lady about the estate.

Today I also found out that one of my very best friends has been diagnosed with peritonitis carcinoma. We won't know about treatment until next week. I've known her for almost 40 years. Good thoughts and prayers would be much appreciated.