Sunday, January 25, 2009

How a necklace begins

This necklace started out in my head as a very simple design that used black velveteen beads and the leopard pendant. I decided to take a few steps out of the simple box and make a fringed necklace out of them. I had purchased these pieces in early December and decided recently to work with them.
Copper is one of my favorite colors for beading and this copper colored leopard was there just asking me to buy him. How could I say no? The large black beads were hanging close by and I HAD to have these soft and fuzzy beads to go with my leopard.

After setting these two elements out, I searched through my bead desk and my studio for just the right combinations of beads. I still need some 12mm or 10mm black glass beads for the necklace part of this fringed necklace.

This is also serendipity. My guild's Spring Theme Show this year is "Story Time". We will have a short paragraph from the story depicted by our art. "How the leopard got his spots" by Rudyard Kipling, is the story that will accompany this necklace. I didn't know about the theme until last week. I love it when things like that happen.

Can you see the necklace in the various elements of this design?


Carol said...

I am going to be interested to see the result. I have this leopard and the one in black that I invision in a necklace also. I still need to buy the rest of the components.

Penny said...

Oh yum - you've assembled some beautiful pieces. Can't wait to see the outcome and love the idea of the Kipling title.