Friday, March 12, 2010

My Weird Dream

I have to tell you about this VERY weird dream I had earlier this week. It was one of those early morning, just before you wake up dreams. I was in a house cleaning up various rooms. (This is NOT my usual lifestyle. I hate to clean, although I do it with great angst.) I enter a back room that has a number of computers and tons of electronic equipment in it. There is a large closet off to the right which I notice can be organized to better fit all the stuff in it. So...I get it set up and it looks right nice. I decided I won't say anything to my husband (this is his room) and see what he says about the closet. Just as I'm closing the door on the closet, he walks in. It's Jack Webb. I am married to Jack Webb! You know, the Jack Webb of Dragnet fame. Why I am dreaming of him as my husband only a shrink could tell. In my dream he is funny, loving and familiar. It seems we've been married for years. This room is his place for retreat and all the equipment is there for his listen to air traffic controllers all over the U.S. Now....I know you can't do that in real life, but dreams have a way of making things seem very realistic and normal. Jack goes over to a desk and pushes a button, a voice comes over the loud speaker, Atlanta is sending another plane off into the darkness. I wake up. "What was that???"

This is one of the strangest dreams I've had in a very long time. I never did get to tell Jack about the closet.

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