Friday, February 24, 2012

Friday Night Spotlight

The Friday Night Spotlight is back after a few weeks absence.

Tonight I am featuring a great blog all about the thrifting horrors of Austin, Texas. Now don't go and check out Pinterest just yet. ThriftHorror is going on my list of favorite blogs because it is so funny. TV's Jacob comes across these absolutely horrible thrift shop finds and then tells us stories about them. See for yourself.

From the site: ThriftHorror had its origins in the dusty bargin bin of time, where Ymir first purchased Krvlyn, a mighty war-hammer made entirely out of cowrie shells and pipe-cleaners twisted from the intestinal workings and heartstrings of mighty dragons and dead gods, for $2.78, because red tags were on half price that day.

Here are a couple of examples.

I love you, please don't hit me!

Drinking and driving is not good, unless you have your own car driven glass.

Make sure to take the labels off the bookshelf before you put something new on it.

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