Thursday, November 29, 2012

Leopard Spots, Pearls and Frogs

This necklace was made for a theme show called,
"It's A Jungle Out There".  I named it
"Leopard Keeps His Spots".  It is made from
acrylic rounds, ovals and rings, amber beads and lots of
chain.  This piece is light on the neck and fun to wear.

Detail of "Leopard Keeps His Spots"

This necklace is put together with beautiful peacock color pearls
and small mother-of-pearl beads.  Each pearl has a structure all
its own and the color is deep and rich.

Detail of the pearls

A small, lampworked frog bead adds just that bit of whimsy to this
black crystal and freshwater pearl necklace.

Detail of the frog bead

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