Saturday, February 16, 2008

Sand into Pearls

This is one of my necklaces for my guild's theme show in March. The Sea is the theme this year. I'm not much of a beach and sea person, but this year the theme has me bubbling with ideas. I have at least another 4 ideas for necklaces and one abstract mixed media piece. As I finish them, I'll get them up here.

I even have an idea for a story to back up one of my necklaces. It's called "Curse of the Dragons Teeth". Based on a beautiful bead I bought last year, it has a King, a Sorcerer, Four Daughters and a Glass Dragon. I'm still working through some of the details, but this is really a cool story. I'm also thinking I may need to add a Pirate and I NEED to go get that pirate bead I saw at the bead store!

This necklace has some very lovely glass pearl beads in the necklace as a base for the sand colored coral fringe. Pearls, faceted pearls, glass pearls, amber and bits of coral hide in the seed bead fringe that surrounds a handcarved bone seahorse. This piece is priced at $175.00.

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