Friday, December 19, 2008

November BJP

Three Goddesses

I've had this piece done for weeks and completely forgot to upload it to my blog. I guess I got into the thought process that since is was done that's all I had to do. Duh! I was very busy at that time with getting ready for a large show and having enough jewelry and art for it.

When I started looking at the month, November, I went to my Pagan Book of Days by Nigel Pennick, to get an idea. I read down the page a bit, describing the month and what it held, and thought I could do a Moon month page. Then I read farther and saw that November "is sacred to the Mothers, the three goddesses that personify the triple goddess of girl, mother, and old woman, particularly in her third aspect. Its sacred color is red." That worked for me.

I went through my stash and found three faces that would signify the Mother, Maiden and the Crone. I divided them up in a not so even way, (not everything in life is fair), and put the Crone at the top. Each goddess has her color, white for the Maid, black for the Mother and red for the Crone. Each is surrounded by her "color" in a separate bead stitch, with a silver background and a red border.

As the days darkened while I could find the time to work on my page, I was able to acknowledge the Crone in myself. Persephone sleeps and my creativity slows down, waiting for the first green sprouts of Spring.


Carol said...

I love this piece and the symbolism. Your beading is beautiful. I feel the Crone.

Paula McNamee said...

Hi Z'anne, I really like your triple goddess piece. It's winter wonderland here so I can imagine what it's like on your mountain. Happy winter solstice! Paula

Maryanne said...

Love the idea of the triple goddess - our stages in life so to speak. I'm still in the mother phase, but the crone is quickly catching up with me I think LOL.