Saturday, September 18, 2010

New Diet and Exercise Program

New Puppy is the first ever interactive diet and exercise program!

This little guy has both of us running and playing and so tired out that we don't even want to eat, let alone cook anything. I forgot how much a new "baby" can take up all your time and energy. *YAWN* It hasn't even been a full two weeks yet, either!

You can't tell by this picture, but he has grown longer and lankier in that short time period, too. The best part is, he didn't take very long to make himself at home. He knows his name now and comes when we call, most of the time. Andy discovered the cat. She hisses, he's funny from my point of view. The cat on the other hand is NOT pleased. Lucky for her, Andy is not allowed in the house yet. He is happy in the shop and that's where he'll be until he is fully potty trained.

Keeping an eye out for that overly-hyper fuzzy "Thing".

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Tory Brokenshire said...

Oh my goodness!! He is so cute and my favorite breed. I will look forward to hearing more Andy storys.