Sunday, March 27, 2011

New things to see

I've been spending most of my day waiting for downloads of my pictures to my various pages. oh the joy of dial up. But, it's dark, dreary, wet and cold, a perfect day to spend in front of the computer or fire.

Here is a pair of flower earrings I made for this week to celebrate the start of Spring. I should have made some snowflakes, too. ;)

I been having a ton of fun making oodles of flower earrings. The combinations are so much fun to put together. New beads and charms are coming next week for more Earrings 365! Whoopee!


Tory Brokenshire said...

Its hard not to want flowers this time of year, but had to laugh at the snow flake joke. Hang in there Z'anne soon the snow will be gone.

Z'anne said...

I'm hoping so...this past Saturday it was snowing, raining, hailing, sunny and just plain nasty all day. If this Spring is anything like last year, I don't expect to see warmth, of any kind, until June. After Rose Festival! ;)

Leigh said...

These are so beautiful

Z'anne said...

Thank you, Leigh! I have had so much fun playing with these flower beads!