Monday, March 14, 2011

Week 37

I started to gather materials for these earrings yesterday, (mottled brown beads surrounded by peridot-colored crystals) and then the power went out. Earlier, I had been working on balancing the checkbook and taxes (whoopie). I waited until later to make my daily pair as a treat for doing the drudgery work and then...ZAP. Actually it wasn't so much of a zap as it was a whoosh. We had one heck of a wind storm come through mid-afternoon and power was killed by a tree taking out the major powerlines on Hwy. 26. The weather system was a weird one. It came in, did its damages and then within an hour was gone.

We got out the oil lamps and fired up the little Ben Franklin stove. The light from the lamps is not to good for beading, so we sat and listened to the radio until we got the lights back on about 6 hours later. Immediately went to the bead desk and got these pair done. There were occasional blinks from the lights throughout the night, but today things are much better.

We lost one of our big hemlock trees. It fell away from the driveway and took out a number of little trees in its wake. There were also a couple of tree tops that broke off and a number of alders that broke in half. Nothing fell on the house, shop or barn and no blocked driveway. Another weather system is coming later tonight with more wind. Not really looking forward to that.

The thing I hate the most....changing the clocks AGAIN after this episode.

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