Saturday, December 10, 2011

Friday Night Spotlight

Ok...I'm a little late with the Spotlight. It seems I'm taking longer to get back into the norm after the PAC show as the years go by. Having the show only on Friday and Saturday messes me up and puts me off by a day. So, I'm catching up and here are five blogs you might like to visit from some of the members of Portland Art Collective. Some blogs might not be up to date as we are all pretty slammed from the show.

I'll start with Jan Harris. She has recently come back from a wonderful trip to Australia. We are all jealous because it was a working vacation for her. She got to teach classes, have her birthday party and drive all over to see the beautiful scenery. Go see all her fabulous photographs.

Secondly is Cynthia, who has been to Hawaii and Australia this year, too. She likes flowers, fabric, color and journaling. Check out her beautiful photographs of her trips and favorites.

Thirdly is Lenall. Her art is so colorful and textural, I love it all. She is so creative and so full of ideas, it's hard to know what she will come up with next. My favorites of hers are the cats and crows. Look at all her things and you may find a favorite for yourself.

Next is Robin with her love of fabric, painting and "what ever catches my fancy." She was busy taking pictures of Portland's lovely fall colors this year. Between those outings, she came up with the clever idea of making the cutest little fabric ball jewelry. Also, she took a lot of her stash and made fabulous prayer flags. These sold very well at our show.

Lastly, I'd like to introduce you to Stephanie. We call her our Urban Folk Artist. Steph likes wood and she makes the most wonderful characters out of the strangest pieces of it. Right now she has a show up at SAID in Portland, check out her blog for more info on that.

Thank you for stopping by and visiting me and my friends. Have a great weekend and stay safe this time of year!

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