Saturday, March 10, 2012

Playing With My Crayons

I've been slowly cleaning out my studio and uncovered this small bit of canvas board and all my crayons. I took a well deserved break, went out into the kitchen and played. First, I wrapped the canvas board in a couple of book pages I also found, went through the crayons and figured out my color palette, then took my little Clover mini iron and started melting the crayons onto the surface of the pages. I would like to say, that if you want to do something like this, make sure you have good ventilation. The waxy smell can stink up the whole house and it's not too nice for you, either. I had some paper flowers that I "colored" with wax, "glued" them down with melted white crayon and then added white drops to the rest for a little hightlighting.

This was a fun project that will be hung on the wall AWAY from the heat and sun in my studio. I will be playing with my crayons again as soon as I uncover more interesting things to melt wax on.

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