Saturday, July 7, 2007

New Workshop

I've been wanting and waiting to build an outdoor studio for years. This week it's coming true! I commandeered the garage last fall and got it cleaned out. (A major project in itself!) Had an area set up with shelves to hold all my 3D art supply objects and than waited for better weather. Finally the time was right. HB and I set about constructing a work bench made from sawhorses and plywood. Finished up the wall to the laundry room, attached the bench and put up the cupboard I had taken down from the kitchen. (I "papered" the inset of the cupboard doors with decorative paper, can't be staring at boring doors, can we?) With a leftover piece of plywood, I made a shelf under the saw horses. Can't have enough storage! We just finished up building the second bench and I'm waiting for the paint to dry. I am SO psyched!
Here are a few pics of the first bench going up. I'll get the rest of the pics up tonight or tomorrow.

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