Saturday, July 3, 2010

Earrings 365

Well....July 3rd and I've got three pair of earrings up on my Earrings 365 page. I didn't forget and that's saying something for me lately. Must have too much on my mind. I decided to scan all the earrings so I can get them posted every day. If I wait to take pictures, I might not get any of them up until the end of the month. Not good. Some will be fuzzy, like todays pair, but you can see the basic shape, color and texture. I won't be doing anything with the earrings for now, just storing them in a box to keep the dust off. There are a few ideas that I'm tossing around for the end of this project. I'll let you all know as this thing comes to a close.

Stayed tuned for more beady goodness.

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