Sunday, July 11, 2010

I'm a bit concerned...

The wildflowers have all blossomed out since we had our little heat spell last week. They look so lovely in the pasture, but when I take a stroll through them, I hear very little buzzing. There are white and red clovers, foxgloves, daisies, lupines, dandelions and assorted wild grasses and hardly any bees. I'm out at different times of the day and still very few bees.

This has me worried.

Update -
The bees did finally show up, a bit late. They were busy around all the wild flowers in late July and August. I guess they were just trying to warm up after the cold and rainy Spring we had. I have seen three different kinds of bees on the Stream Orchids by the back door. I feel better now that I know they haven't all left us.


Jan said...

Hi, I just jumped over from Robin Olsen's blog. I live over in the NW Oregon coast range. We too have noticed a lack of bees in the clover and flowers, not even many bumble bees. And we have bee hives! Where are they? Very concerning.

I enjoyed viewing your flowers and beaded jewelry pieces, all quite lovely.

My sister lived in Sandy for many years so I am quite familiar with that area too. Much like here but obviously you do get more snow. she and her husband had a restaurant, M&D's Taste of Home in Sandy. Well, that is nothing to do with anything. Thanks for a nice visit to your blog.

Z'anne said...

Thank you, Jan, for stopping by.

This year the wildflowers have been gorgeous and plentiful. I think it was all that rain we had. Maybe we don't have as many bees is because of the rain. I don't know. I did see a bumble bee in the clover the other day, but that's about it. Perhaps they all went south for the warmer weather or down in the valley to get away from our misty mountains. It's scary to think of no bees. Hopefully they'll be coming back soon.

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