Sunday, September 11, 2011

More Halloween Earrings

I've been busy the past few days. Making new earrings for Halloween from the charms I received in the mail earlier this week. Then photographing them for my store and getting them all packaged up for future purchases. (I hope)

Here are three pair that I listed in the store today.

Harvest Pumpkins
Antiqued Skulls
Black Skulls

The Black Skulls are very cool and I only have two pair of earrings made with these charms. If I get requests for them, I'll order more charms. Both pair have glow in the dark beads and look really eerie in the dark!


Robin Olsen said...

All three are great Halloween earrings!

Z'anne said...

Thank You, Robin! I love these new charms!

Supergranny said...

Way back when we would attend functions....I would definitely wear a pair of these. They make a statement, they do:)

Z'anne said...

*big smile* That's what I'm trying for!! :) Thank You, Judy!