Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Oregon Flock and Fiber Fest

I attended this fun and fluffy event on Saturday. I didn't have a shopping list of what I might need or want this year, so just decided to roam the aisles and tents for something that caught my fancy. Well...I found a few things that I liked.

My first stop is always at the basket lady. She has quite a number of designs and shapes. This gives me a new basket every year and something to put all my purchases in. This year I chose this smaller one. It's the first one I picked up, then put down, walked around and looked at the other baskets, then came back and picked it up again. Always go with your first instincts. ;)

Next I made the rounds, did some "window" shopping and remembered that I needed some grey roving for felting. I found a lovely alpaca/wool blend that will work beautifully. And It feels SOOO soft. After walking around the booths, I saw this very interesting, rather large, ropey yarn. It's from Berroco and called Link. It makes a rope-like scarf with just one skein. I love the varigated look and can't wait to work it up. Had to stop by the local yarn shop and order some size 50 needles. Yep...I'll be knitting with small trees. LOL While at this booth, I also got myself some Flounce Ribbon for making a little Flounce scarf. This looks very pretty and fun, just have to figure out how to knit with it.

These buttons are just a few that I picked out for my stash. There were many more designs, shapes and colors that I would have taken home if I didn't have enough already. The nice thing is that the button artist lives close to me. I always like supporting another local artist.

It was a fun day and I enjoyed looking at some of the animals and people and the wonderful wooly things that were out there. If I had the time this year I would have taken a couple of classes. They are always a blast! Can't wait until next year!!

Check out Oregon Flock and Fiber Fest for more information.


Supergranny said...

I am lusting over your Saturday adventure. Can't wait to see your link scarf and the flouncy scarf. The yarns look luscious. Wish I knew how to knit. I've tried!

Those buttons are like little works of art.

I always enjoyed things like that...the interesting people you see...sipping coffee and letting the imagination run wild!!

Z'anne said...

It IS a great time to be had by all. There are the vendors that are always there and then the newer vendors that bring in interesting things. It is so exciting to see what can be found. Time to start saving the pennies for next year!!