Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Do You Like Legos?

Growing up a girl in the 50's meant you got dolls and little girly things to play with. Not what I really wanted. I was a tomboy and liked the cool toys the guys had. We did get Tinkertoys one year, but only one set and that got boring after awhile with only so many parts you could play with. Many years later, when I had a son, I went crazy with the Legos. For Christmas one year, he got the Castle set. I put that thing together most of Christmas day. It was cool, but of course, he wanted to take it apart immediately. I told him he had to wait a week before he could destroy it. We played with the whole set up during that week and then he tore it down. I don't think it's been back together since. But, he still has all the parts and perhaps he will want to do something like this with some of those parts. I still love Legos!

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Supergranny said...

Legos are amazing and if you've got an imagination the possibilities are endless!! Amazing photos