Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Just a little necklace

Been busy getting inventory made for the PAC show coming up on Dec. 2 & 3. Here is a little necklace I quickly put together out of copper and brass dangles and small copper beads.

UPDATE: This little necklace has been listed for sale at my store at Z'annes Bazaar.

UPDATE #2: This little necklace has been sold. I hope to find these dangles again to make one or more necklaces. I really like this design.


Supergranny said...

Just looking at your necklace makes me want to touch it and feel the coolness of the metals. Wondering if it has a nice sound when clinked. Well, lady, you never cease to amaze me. What's next?

Z'anne said...

It is very nice to wear and has a light "tink" when the pieces touch. I so enjoy all my beady stuff!

What's next? I'm working on getting the spiders finished up and then on to beaded pendants. I will be taking pictures of them this weekend to show them off. :)