Monday, October 31, 2011

Redneck Mansion

Saw this through a link, through a link and through another link at Honestly...WTF. There are some fun stuff here and you can get lost in the links if you're not careful! :)

Too funny! could work if you know a good welder!!! LOL


Cathy said...

And just what are ya trin to say bout us REDNECKS woman LOLL LOL
I just might resemble that
(any one got some road kill )lol

Z'anne said...

I tain't sayin' nuffin', Girl! Gist liked it is all! Woud like sumptin like that in my backyard. ;) Lookit all THAT storage!!! LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

Supergranny said...

Thems sum good lookin units there. I'm jis wunderin whut hapend to the pink of em still had the hed?

Z'anne said...

Ya know, SG, I think that thang ain't no flaminga. It shor looks like a stork or sumptin'. I kent seen no pink burds nowheres. Theys missing the most best part a bein' a Redneck!

Thank ye fer pointin' it out! ;)