Saturday, October 8, 2011

Friday Night Spotlight

Today was a fun day. It was Play Day at Collage with a few members of my art group, Portland Art Collective. Lots of laughter and awesome art was to be had. We always have a great time on our Play Days. We catch up on what we've been doing, work on art projects, buy some great goodies from the store and have a fabulous lunch at the Thai place down the block.

Today we talked about Pinterest and tried our best to explain what it is. They describe themselves as an online pinboard. Whatever they may be...they are bad and good all at the same time. Good because you can see what other people are trending and find some cool stuff. Bad because I just spent an hour and a half looking at all the cool stuff before I got to this post. Addicting does not even come close to what pinterest does to you! Have Fun!!

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