Monday, October 3, 2011

Sunday Quotes

"Why Beads Are Better Than Chocolate"

1. 100 grams of chocolate has 588 calories, but beads have zero calories.

2. Beads don't melt in your hands while chocolate can become a real
gooey mess.

3. Beads don't give you acne, so your dermatologist likes them too.

4. Beads don't give you cavities, so they are recommend by 9 out of
10 dentists.

5. Beads are caffeine free though some of us lose sleep when we
dream of that next bead creation we plan to make.

6. Beads come in a rainbow of colors, and chocolate only comes in
white and shades of brown.

7. Chocolate can get crusty and funky when not fresh, but beads get
better with age.

8. Etiquette requires that you share your chocolate, but beads don't
have to be shared.

9. An average 10 gram tube of good seed beads is $3, while a pound of
good chocolate can go for $50.

10. While chocolate has endorphins, beads can make you happy without
making you fat.

11. Beads are hypo-allergenic while a lot of people are allergic to

12. Beads last forever while chocolate is usually only around for
few minutes.

13. Beads can be recycled while chocolate is gone when it's gone.

14. It's impossible to find a string of chocolate to match your

15. Beads don't trigger migraine headaches and instead are proven to
relieve stress.

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