Sunday, October 30, 2011

Sunday Quotes and 1 More

Calvin Nicholls is a paper sculptor, one who does an amazing job with the media he has chosen. Look at the wonderful animals he creates with a few sharp implements and a flat sheet of paper.


Supergranny said...

How ever do you find these marvelous artists? I want one of Nicholls sculptors. I like the house and the Boreal Owl on the pine needle branch. It sounds so phony to say I love them all.....they truly captured my imagination..what an unusual talent.

Thank you for sharing.

Are you going to list any of your very small z'noodles? I like small and would like to museum frame it..large mat. I can just see it on my wall hung fairly low with some of my other black and white treasures. (why must I palaver on?)

Z'anne said...

Being in a couple of art groups gets me some fun and fascinating art links. I also find a bunch myself and now that I have a faster connection to the net, I get to share! ;)

I have to get some prints made from my originals and then will be listing them at my store. So many things to little time!