Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Spiders and Beads

Relax, it's not a scary thing, unless you really are scared of spiders. I appreciate and like having my spiders around. When I find one in the house, I capture it and put it out in the woodshed. The spiders and the bats are good about eating up all the nasty bugs I don't like.

This post is about Amy and her challenge to make 365 Spiders. I got her link from Craftside, a crafty newsletter I receive in email. Amy has been very busy and has created spiders for the last 253 days. She is on the down hill side of her year and I applaud her for doing this. I know the feeling of accomplishment she will have at the end of her year.

Check out all her spiders and how she used her beads in unique and remarkable ways to create these fabulous arachnids.

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