Thursday, October 6, 2011

My Spider

I've been thinking about spiders since I went to 365 Spiders. It's that time of year again, so I have spiders coming into the house to make their new homes. They get picked up and put right back outside. The old woodshed is the perfect place for them.

After getting some more Halloween earrings made up this afternoon, I went on to make my very first beaded spider. Thanks to Amy for her inspirational webby creativity.

Here's my "gold" bug.

I didn't have any bugle beads with holes big enough for the wire I was using, however I learned from Amy's spiders that any bead will work. Out came the gold beads and colored lined seed beads. I've been keeping all my onesie beads for a "one-only" necklace, but thought these little spiders would be perfect for these "only" beads. A gold colored corrugated bead, matched with pierced wood and amber crow beads make a great body. This was a fun project and I think I will be making more.

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