Thursday, October 27, 2011


What is that you say? It's a hypo-allergenic metal for those who have metal sensitivity. Here is a great article about niobium and learn the method it takes to color the material.

I use plated surgical steel in all my earrings. If you find a pair(s) you like at my store, I can, and will gladly, change them out to clip-ons or niobium. There will have to be an added cost for the niobium. It sure ain't cheap.

Here is a pair of earrings, by jewelry artist Michael Mara of Shimmering Dreams Jewelry, using niobium metal.


Supergranny said...

I the pictured Blue Targe your design? I can see a dynamic future for Niobium...don't you?

Supergranny said...

Idiot...I meant to have IS as the starting word:)

Z'anne said...

*chuckle* I still got. :)

I wish I did those earrings, but I don't work too much in metals. Michael Mara is the artist who works most exclusively in niobium and titanium. Beautiful work!

I love the niobium and it is doing well in the jewelry market.