Saturday, October 1, 2011

Friday Night Spotlight

This week we have an eclectic mix of links.

DraggonTagger has something everyone will want to wear this winter.

Neck Snuggie Warm Autum Fuzzies
This will be great for those winter fashions. Keeps your neck warm in style! The loop goes over the flower button to hold it closed or you can use your favorite brooch in the middle of the flower to hold it in place. Machine washable, gentle cycle and low heat for the dryer or lay flat to dry. Neck Snuggie

YogiBear66 will keep you busy during the winter with this tote.

Scrapabilities Deluxe Scrapbooking Tote - Blue
This Blue collection includes items remarkable for their beauty, depth and versatility, making each one perfect for scrapbook layouts, creative frames, handmade cards, gift tags and so much more. Perfect for everyone from the beginner to the most experienced scrapbooker, this kit makes a wonderful gift for any occasion. Scrapbooking Tote

If you're looking for some doodle fun, click on the next link and watch your doodle come to life. Draw a stick man

Do you like Halloween? Do you like Christmas? Do you like Folk Art that specializes in Halloween and Christmas? Go see what Spooky Time Jingles has to offer.

Lastly.....let's see who has deleted themselves from the gene pool lately. The Darwin Awards

Halloween happens in 30 days....are you ready?


Supergranny said...

Z...I love the stickman thingy. I had a ball.

Z'anne said...

Yeah, ain't he fun?? A great time waster. ;)