Friday, November 25, 2011

Friday Night Spotlight

Tonight I am going to spotlight some blogs I like to read. I hope you will like to visit them too.

First off is the OLA Blog. Lots of interesting tips, a little humor, great things to buy and check out the piggy banks one page back.

Supergranny has some eye-opening and put-on-you-thinking-cap posts on her blog that will make you say, "I didn't know that!"

I'm not a big fan of abstract art, but for some odd reason I really like Elis Cooke's use of color, movement and texture. Her art is intriguing to me and I guess that's what an artist is always working towards.

Createology is one of the busiest, creatingist, talented artisst I read. She has way too much fun in her studio! And it shows in all the arty things she creates. Go over and look at the fun things.

Maryanne Villalba of Maryniky Designs does some of the most beautiful bead work I have seen. I love the way she has incorporated lace into her designs. Very lovely!

Enjoy your adventures and have a great weekend!


Supergranny said...

Thank you for the mention. You know I am a fan of yours and I always enjoy the peeps you recommend. These are all so their zest!

I want to see more of you zoodles and can't seem to find them or I am effectively blind in parts of my eyes:)

Z'anne said...

You are very welcome, SG! I always enjoy spotlighting interesting and creative people. :)

I have some Z'oodles on my one of my pages at the top of my blog. I haven't had a chance to get some more up, but after this weekend, I'll have the time to update all my pages.

Thank you for looking! :)