Saturday, November 5, 2011

Holton Rower

Holton Rower in an interesting artist that uses many different media for his art. There is a YouTube video on how he does his Pour art. Very cool and makes me want to go play with my paints! Check out some of his sculptures, too. I really love the locks!


Supergranny said...

3 legged chair...sculpture. I looked at that for quite some time....?? I once saw locks together like that in an old hardware store:)

What's wrong with me? Did the windmills of my mind splinter or did his? Inhale deeply?

Z'anne said...

Yeah...I thought the 3 legged chair was a bit much. I mean, who doesn't have THAT sculpture out in the garage or barn? ;)

Don't think there is anything wrong with you...he is an artist and that does say sumptin'. LOL

Supergranny said...

Is that is in the eye of the beholder? Thanks for not being irritated with me:)

Z'anne said...

I guess can be just about anything anyone says it is. Even a 3 legged chair. LOL *shakes her head and rolls her eyes*

How could I ever get irritated with you? You're too much fun to be irritating!! ;)