Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Busy Monday

Spent most of the day taking pictures of my jewelry and catching up the close ups of the rest of the Challenge earrings. My poor little camera was so busy, it's never had quite such a work out. The weather was much cooler today and I think that helped get my energy up to get all those pictures taken, almost 200 of 'em! Got them all organized and the bad pictures deleted (I LOVE digital cameras!) and the next thing is to get them listed in my store.

Before I do that tonight, here are a couple of necklaces I made yesterday afternoon.

Jade Buddha
Blue on Blue

I need to retake the pictures for these necklaces as they are too dark. I also need to change the background color on which to lay them on.

Well....off to work on my store at Z'annes Bazaar.

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