Friday, August 5, 2011

I Was On The Radio

Yep! I was interviewed, as Seller of the Month, on OLA Radio tonight. It was fun and exciting and I had a great time. I got to meet MetzyMom, one of OLA's great members. What a kick!!! She is fun and funny and full of wonderful information.

This has been a great honor to be picked Seller of the Month. But....that means I need to go into my listings and do a little housekeeping, which I'm doing now as I write this. There are advantages to dial up on some occasions. ;)

Other than that, it was a very humdrum, quiet day. I had the wonderful experiences of doing laundry and cleaning the bathroom. Yes, I'm sorry to have shattered your ideal picture of my regal comportment. LOL Ya cain't be too fancy wit' yerself win ya got yer elbows deep in da john. ;)

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Robin Olsen said...

Congratulations Z'anne. Sounds like all your hard work has paid off!