Saturday, August 20, 2011

These Are The Nights.....

...that I love the most. The moon will come up very late, the skies are clear and the stars are bright. You can even see the "dark" matter in the Milky Way. I am not very star literate, but I do know a few. I could pick out Orion, the Pleiades, the big and little Dippers and the constellation Leo. I'm still learning, ever so slowly.

Just think, all those little tiny lights in the sky are suns. Most of which may have planets circling around them. Will we ever get out there? Will we ever get past our own solar system? Or will we ever get back to the moon? I hope we can. Until then, I'll go out on the clear nights and study the stars.

Here is a site the has some great info on Space Weather. You can keep track of solar flares, astroid encounters and geomagnetic storms. It's cool. And if you want to see the virtual phases of the moon from any date and time between 1800 and 2199 A.D. click here. Now, go outside and look up...if the sky is clear.

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