Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The Night Sky

Just went out to see if the cat is all right. The coyotes have been singing and I don't want my cat to be a midnight snack. (She's Ok.) The skies are clear and bright with the moon long gone from the sky. The sky is so beautiful at night with the Milky Way painted across it. This is the beauty of living out, away from the lights of the cities.

I wish I knew more about the constellations, perhaps one day I'll take a class or more than likely, get a comprehensive book on the subject. Usually every summer I set up the hammock so I can relax during the day and watch the stars at night. Not sure if I should try this year, it might bring on the rain, like washing the car does. ;) It's easier to lay in the hammock, wrapped in warm blankets, to watch the meteor showers in August than to stand or sit and try to watch them.

I tried to take some pictures of the Milky Way tonight, but it ain't happenin'. Instead, here are a couple of pictures I took of the full moon, one from March last year and March this year.

March 2010
March 2011

I took these pictures with a Canon Power Shot SX120IS with 10X optical zoom. I LOVE my digital camera! I've experimented with different aspects of light, dark, movement, etc. and if it doesn't work out I can just delete the picture. Without years of practice and experience, I would never have tried to take pictures of the moon with regular film. This is fun! Go play with your camera and see what you can do.

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