Saturday, July 2, 2011

45 Years Ago...

...was the first full day I spent in Oregon. My family had moved up to Eugene from Northern California to get a new start. It rained that first Independence Day and all of our clothes, except for a few suitcases, were still on the moving van which wasn't going to get to our house for a few more days. We almost froze to death and the rain put our sparklers out. I hated it. I hated being here for two more years until we took a trip back to our little town and it was ugly. The hills were brown, it was HOT and dry and I had a sore throat all through that visit. We got home and my whole attitude changed. After all this time, like a true Oregonian, I've grown webs between my toes and moss behind my ears. ;) I'm a mountain girl and love it here.

A view from the back door on a late fall morning

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