Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Working on the Garage

Been cleaning out the garage a bit, for the last couple of days, so we can put in our "wood" for next winter. This month, Coastal Farm and Ranch is having a sale on wood pellets, $199/ton. So, we wanted to have about 5 tons in by the end of this month. After last winter, I want to make sure I have enough to get us through the worst of it before we need to get more.

The nice part of having a pellet stove is that the "wood" can be stacked up in the garage and there is not chopping, splitting, filling the wood shed and all the mess with regular wood is gone. Even when I'm sick, I can fill the stove and it will run for 8 hours on a fill up.

Of course, all love affairs have a dark side, too. The fan can be very noisy and the dust and fly ash are a pain to keep from covering everything. Cleaning out the stove is not too bad, but one can get rather tired of it.

Well....back to the garage. Since I started on it, I will have to finish up. There is a huge pile of stuff that I have to go through. Some from my friend, Sherrie and some from my mom. Then I can start thinning my art supplies and actually uncover my workshop. Yes! I might even get some artwork done this summer! 8] That would be nice.

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