Thursday, July 21, 2011

Pet Peeve

I was reading a few of the comments from some of the newsletters I got in email today. For crying out loud, didn't anyone learn to spell when they were in school???? I see alot all over the net. Hey People!!!! ALOT IS NOT A WORD!!!!! I learned this in the 6th grade, way back in 1964. It only exists in your mind, not in the official book of the English Language, otherwise known as a dictionary!

It drives me nuts when I see this. To me, it shows that these people have no respect for the language they speak or write and poor schooling/learning on their part. OH! And there's another one...THEIR - THERE - THEY'RE or YOUR - YOU'RE. Has the educational system completely failed ALL of our kids? It's a sad state of affairs when you start to lose your language or even worse (and NOT worst) lose it to laziness.

I love our language. I'm not a teacher or writer, but an avid reader. I have gone places, seen things and even learned new and ancient words from all that I've read. Every bit of it written with proper spelling, punctuation and sentence structure. Don't just read a book, learn from it.

Remember: I before E except after C.

Thank you for listening, you may now return to your scheduled programming.


Supergranny said...

How bout let me aks ya a question? My husband gets livid when he reads the newspaper. It seems checking for spelling errors has gone by the wayside. Love your blog:)

Z'anne said...

I know how your husband feels. In a recent national magazine I was reading, I counted at least 4 misspellings. Editors seems to be relying too much on spell check, me thinks.

Thank you, Judy!! :)