Friday, July 29, 2011

Friday Night Spotlight

Here we are again, another Friday. Wow...did that week go by fast. Here are two more great pieces from my friends at and a couple from me. Thanks for stopping by and checking out the links.

First up is SuperGranny. She has a wonderful collection of tobacciana in the form of ashtrays. This El Rancho Hotel Casino, Black Amethyst Ashtray is a nice piece of history to own. Here is a little background on the El Rancho:

Hotel El Rancho Vegas opened in 1941. It was the first full-scale casino resort on Highway 91 south of Las Vegas, a roadway that within ten years of the El Rancho's opening would become known as the Las Vegas Strip. Though it did not have the glitz or notoriety of other early casinos, it was nonetheless a Strip pioneer.

The El Rancho, one of the oldest properties on the Las Vegas Strip, was imploded at 2:30 a.m. Tuesday, Oct. 3, 2000.

After reliving the past on the Strip, a little trip to the beach would be nice. Our second link tonight is from YogiBear66, who offers the Seascape Necklace. A fun assortment of an aqua-colored disc, blue and green glass beads and small spacer beads with a little seashell charm. All the colors of the ocean wrapped up in one necklace. I can hear the ocean already.

And last by not least, here are a couple of my necklaces. The first is a three strand Peridot Necklace with round copper beads separating the chips. Peridot is the gem quality stone from volcanic olivine. Found in ancient deposits of lava, this semi-precious stone shines in rich varied greens.

The next one is the very first Chainmaille Necklace I ever made. Small glass turquoise colored disks and purple seed beads highlight this necklace of silver and gold plated jump rings in double ring technique. A very lightweight piece and very eye catching. It would be perfect for that "little black dress" or a black turtleneck sweater in the winter.

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