Friday, July 29, 2011

Zentangle Links

Here are some of my favorite Zentangle links to look at and learn from.

Zentangle website
Check out the archives for the newsletters, they have a ton of information on different tangles and how to draw them.

Zentangle blog
Much, much more information about Zentangles and lots of pretty pictures of tangles from people around the world. Rick and Maria just became grandparents this month. Congratulations!

Tangle Patterns
A comprehensive list of tangles from various artists and Certified Zentangle Teachers. A great place to go for inspiration.

I Am The Diva blog
The Diva has an ongoing weekly challenge. You can start at the beginning or pick and choose which theme you want to work on for your weekly Zentangle challenge. Fun!

BEEZ In The Belfry
Zentangle books, drawings, information and lots of fun here.

If you are really hooked now when visiting these sites, don't forget to check out their links. You'll find many talented artists and teachers who are very open and sharing about their Zentangles.

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