Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Woke up way too early this morning. Anything before 9 a.m. is too early!!! But I was up and out feeding the birds by 8:30. However, I was awakened around 7:30 by a dream I can't remember now. It seemed to be interesting, just wish I could remember it.

Now, you say, that these times aren't early. Well, I usually don't hit the sheets earlier than 1 or 2 a.m. After 10 p.m., I'm working on my computer by answering email, organizing my shops at Cafepress and OLA or tweeking pictures for the shops. I listen to Coast to Coast with George Noory all the while I'm on the computer. I am woman, hear me roar...I can multi-task! :)

So this is why my posts always are later at night. My day ends late and starts later. And, like today, if I don't get all my sleep, it makes for a loooooong day. (Thank goodness for the backspace button or you wouldn't be able to read this post. I get sloppy when I'm tired, too.)

Here is a bit of woodsy coolness for those in the heat ravaged areas of the country. The Oxalis is taking back a bare and ugly area in our little bit of woods. Green is not only a color, it's also a smell. And this smells good!! :)

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