Sunday, July 31, 2011


Andy is now over 1 year old. He is a character and a great source of entertainment. Here he is watching the squirrels on the deck eating corn from the bird feeder. This is where I usually sit. A dangerous place when a 60 lb. dog wants to watch the squirrels.

Today I had to give him a shower with the hose. He decided it would be a GOOD thing to roll in a dead blue jay. Ewwww and Phewww. Of course, he didn't do that until right about the time to come in the house. So, I'm out there with hose, dog and shampoo trying to clean him up with just the littlest bit of help from hubby. Needless to say, Mom and Dog, the grass and the flower beds all got a shower. We had fun and I'd rather have a semi-wet dog in the house than a very stinky one.

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