Thursday, July 28, 2011

A few more Z'oodles

I've been working on some Z'oodles lately. These are the two I finished, I have a few others that are in process and will show those as soon as I get them done.

These Z'oodles were created on 8.5" x 5.5", 70# pen and ink paper with a Micron 03 pen. I prefer to use the 3mm pen for my drawings, it moves over the paper easier for me than a 1mm tip. Check out Zentangle for more information on drawing your own cool doodles.


buy cheap kamagra said...

Great job..Its really interesting task..I would like to know whole procedure how to create Z'oodles..

Z'anne said...

Thank you! I have a great time making these. I call my art Z'oodles, but they are Zentangles.

To learn about Zentangles and how to draw them, go to and read the newsletter archives and their blog.

Have fun with them!

Supergranny said...

I'm hoping there are suggestions on how to start. I spend time with my mind wandering all over the place trying to think of something creative. It's a bust! I'm thinking I need to NOT think and just see what I getting closer?

Yours are splendiferous!!

Z'anne said...

Exactly, Judy. Quit thinking so hard about trying to draw a picture. Think of it more as a meditative exercise. Relax. Don't try. Just let it flow. One line at a time. (Jeez, I almost sound like Yoda!) LOL

Follow the diagrams in the newsletters and on other peoples blogs and you will be tangling in no time at all. :)