Tuesday, July 26, 2011

More It's a Jungle Out There

I got the beads I ordered from Fire Mountain today. I ordered them on Sunday night, don't ya just love shopping online? I used them to make the necklaces below. The first one is made of tigereye. The second one is made from acrylic with a leopard print. It was fun designing and making each piece. The leopard print acrylics took the most time this afternoon because of all the wire work and jump ring manipulation I had to do. But, I like the end result and hopefully, someone else at the show will too.

So that takes care of my three pieces to submit to the show. I will spend a goodly part of tomorrow afternoon trying to get professional looking pictures of all of them. Sometimes this takes longer than making the necklace itself. ;)


Supergranny said...

They are beeeeu-te-fulllll........

I especially like the 3rd one.

Now I've got to peruse the tangle-zentangle posts. Thanks

Z'anne said...

Thank you, Judy! The leopard print necklace is a fun one. It's made with acrylic pieces and oval amber-colored crystals. Very light to wear and fun to look at. :)