Thursday, July 21, 2011

Just Playing

Been trying some experiments with vintage jewelry and beads. Won't have any pics to show until I'm happy with the results. Also playing with my collage stuff again and will be adding some collage/mixed media things to my jewelry.

I've been wanting to play with resin and bezels, but don't have time right now. It looks like fun and the charms and pendants created by other artists are very cool. Got my Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist magazine today and they have a tutorial on making resin earrings and pendant. I think I can have a whole lot of fun with this stuff!

But first, I have to finish my Leopard necklace and work on my commission necklace. I'm trying to design a primitive necklace that a "woman of the woods" would have. Sometimes these are the hardest necklaces to make. There can be so many choices in materials to use. Picking the right ones is not so much difficult as it is overwhelming. I did find some beautiful ceramic beads that will be part of this necklace. Here they are:

Mixed with wood, stone and seeds it should be a fun necklace to wear.

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