Monday, July 4, 2011

Clean Clothes and Lupines

Yesterday, my darling hubby put up my new clothesline. It's an umbrella type, like my mom used to have when we lived in California. Not as practical here when the rainy season lasts about 9 months. However, I wanted to hang out my laundry, when we did have sun, and get that great outdoor smell in fresh dried shirts and sheets.

I had a single line clothesline about 20 years ago, but that didn't last too long. That was when we had horses, and every time they ran through the pasture, all the dust they stirred up blew towards the clean laundry. This does not make a happy mommy, so back to the dryer until yesterday! The horses have been gone for quite some time now and there is grass in the pasture instead of dirt, so I thought it was about time to change things up. Lucky for me, I still had all my clothespins, but they are the smaller size and I think I need to go shopping for the bigger, more hefty ones. I hope they still make them.

While waiting for the wash to get done, I took a walk with the cat this morning. The wild flowers are blooming and I have one lupine plant out behind the shop. (It showed up last year and I'm hoping it will spread in the coming years.) So, got out the camera and tripod. Here are a few pics of the plant from today.

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